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Elaine Vitale - Professional Organizer elaine@straighteningspaces.com


“My husband and I purchased our first home in October of last year. We were overwhelmed with all of our boxes out of storage and didn’t know where to start. Elaine spent hours with us determining where the most sensible spots were for our belongings. We feel very organized now and can work more efficiently around the house with everything being in the right place. We will definitely be recommending Elaine to our friends and family!”



“Elaine Vitale came to our house last week and helped me organize our major clutter zones…my life is so much less stressful having those areas organized.”



“Thank you Elaine for really working with me and talking with me about how to organize and how to keep organized in the future. You really helped me with my closet and my dresser and I hope to keep my room nice and neat in the future”

-Kennedy, 13yrs old


“I enjoyed our organizing session today very much! I am now inspired to do more!! Thank you so much for that kick-start.  I love being in our school room now!  I was a little hesitant when Chuck told me what he had purchased for me, fearing that nobody would be able to step into my world enough to organize it.  But you easily did that, making it a space that I can easily use now.  I love the way the furniture you moved helps with the flow of the room, making it a place that is now easier to navigate and even seems more spacious.  You are certainly a person that is not afraid to roll up your sleeves and DO the work, not just talk about it and leave me to do it on my own.  When you left today I had a space that I am proud of and want to spend time in.  Thank you also for the tips on maintaining the organization, with the help of our children.”



“Elaine discussed my organizational situation by phone prior to visit. She was well prepared when she arrived and worked diligently the entire 4 hours. With her help, I even found an uncashed check for $300+ that only had 2 months left before it would have been void. I plan to hire her again.”


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