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Elaine Vitale - Professional Organizer elaine@straighteningspaces.com


Areas of Expertise- all designed to make your life less stressful.


Kitchen- 8-12 hours

Make cabinets, drawers and pantry flow more efficiently by sorting and organizing dishes, glassware, and cooking utensils for ease of use. Storage of rarely used holiday items.


Bedroom- 6-10 hours
Make best use of closets, drawers and shelves so clothing can be easily accessed, decreasing morning stress.


Bathroom- 4-6 hours
Decluttering expired makeup, personal care items, and medicines in cabinets, drawers to avoid accidents and decrease chances of misuse. Organize linen closet so sheets and towels are accessable.


Home Office- 6-8 hours
Set up custom filing system for bills and receipts. Create plan for dealing with incoming mail and email.


Nursery- 8-12 hours
Set up nursery for a new baby’s comfort and help parents feel more confident caring for their new child.


Home School Room- 4-8 hours
Organize furniture, supplies, and resources to maximize space for each child to work and to encourage learning.


Please note: all times listed are estimates, actual time will vary depending on room size and amount of organizing involved.

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